28.11.21 Reinickendorf
(full address to come)
Event starts at 13.00
We sing at 14.15 
Meeting time TBC
We want to celebrate an extraordinary love-and-joy festivity for your chosen berlin family #morethanchristmas
This is for everyone who hates Christmas, loves Christmas and doesn’t care about Christmas at all. 
Because we know, that the biggest present you can make to the world and the people around you, is your presence.
So hop on the Heart Chor winter sleigh and let us pull you through the dark times. 
The PrePre
The Present of Presence – a tale about the presence of presents
This delicate event has several well-chosen ingredients: 
🍜heart warming food corner
🎁first minute panic xmas market
🎤(kinky) cabaret
💕massive choir action (involving Heart Chor, Omc, bvg & kiezchor)
🔥pop-up shows
🎭walking characters
🧘‍♀️be (a) present corner

Song List

We've Been Waiting
Back Pocket
Is Your Love Big Enough
We Can Work It Out
True Colors
Don't Stop Me Now

Them Changes

Born at the Right Time
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (maybe)

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